Flowery Pantone Cards

With these – basically really simple – cards I connected the beauty of nature, of flowers and plants, with certain feelings or moments.


My aim wasn’t that every viewer should agree with my interpretation – by no means – but rather to recognise small peculiarities in the pictorial material.

Once, when I was sitting in the garden with my boyfriend and really felt good all over, I had the idea to somehow represent this feeling graphically. The well-known Pantone cards with the named colour tones offered the perfect template to realise this.

The colour-coordinated cards, some of which are within a theme, depict different colours and facets of nature. The subtle titles give information about what I associate this plant with – and leave room for own interpretations.




To begin with, I chose a colour, opened Adobe Photoshop, coloured the background and created simple cards on it. Then I went on a search and collected different types of plants, thought about what I wanted to depict – and carefully put them together so that they would make a pleasant overall picture. Then I positioned the plants, cut them out and finally named them.

The result

The result is eight colourful cards that share the same structure but all have different “characters”. I would like to add more cards in the future whenever I feel like it and thus permanently expand my small collection. 

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