Abgeschminkt & Ausgezogen

What is this about?

I created this website with the pretty name „Abgeschminkt & Ausgezogen“ in line with our term project 2018/2019 at Adolph-Kolping-Berufskolleg in Münster. The really diversified main topic „Zoom!“ allowed a variety of different interpretations.


In terms of „Zoom!“ I decided on the field of sustainability because I could interpret it as encouragement respectively „zooming in on the problematic“. Given that I’ve always considered this topic important and try to live preferably sustainable in private, I had no problems finding content to fill my website with. I finally decided on the emphases fashion and minimalism because the thematic subitems harmonise well and are intimately connected with each other. But I also added information and tipps about connected topics like beauty and shared some personal experiences with my visitors.

Want more?

The website is already online, you can find it here. I also intended to upload my documentation after the exhibition but it may still take some time, so please be patient. Meanwhile you can check out the corresponding logo here, or look at some green icons over here.